how do garbage disposals work and why you need

What is a Garbage Disposal for a sink?

This household appliance serves to grind the waste falling into the sink, thereby making it easier to pass through the drain pipe. It is mounted at the outlet of the sink and works from the mains. The main advantages of a sink for food waste are ease of use and long service life (approximately 15 years). Below we will consider in more detail the principle of operation of the device and the features of its installation.

The principle of operation of the grinder for the sink

The Garbage Disposal (disposer) is a strong cylindrical metal case, inside of which there is a crushing disk. The disk is rotated by an electric motor located in the lower part of the housing. Given the environment in which the device has to work, the disk is made of stainless steel, which is characterized by increased resistance to corrosion. This means that the waste grinder for the sink is not afraid of any aggressive substances that can be found in the kitchen.

The process of grinding waste is very simple. They enter the chamber of the device through the drain hole of the sink, and then, under the action of the centrifugal force of the disk, they are pressed against the walls of the cylinder and are ground. For grinding, a special fixed grater is used, mounted on the inside walls of the device. From the grinder chamber, waste through the drainpipe goes directly to the sewer.